Keziah (Violet Vickerman)

Angsty Teenage Witch


Solo 10Buddy 6Team 8

  • Quick to anger
  • Teenage Witch
  • ‘Fuck off’

Power Sets
Void Witch
Flight8Mystic Senses8
Darkforce Blast8
SFX: Multipower, Uncontrollable



Violet had trouble fitting in. Between her family always moving from town to town, and her socially awkward nature, she was almost instantly a pariah in whichever school she landed in. Her freshman year in highschool, one called Northvale High, was by far the worst, even with her charismatic older brother Tommy looking out for her.

During one nasty confrontation with a bitch of a cheerleader in the library, Violet ran off. Aimlessly storming through the ailses of the library, she took a wrong turn, one that should have been impossible to take, and found herself face to face with a dark and clearly disused corridor. At the end was a old tome bound in odd leather. From it she would learn how to manipulate forces beyond human reckoning, but at the moment, all she saw was a way to get revenge.

She planned to trash the cheerleader’s car by blowing out the engine, as she was driving it out of the school parking lot. As public as possible. Unfortunately, the spell was much stronger than Violet intended, and the car burst into flames. She would only find out later that her brother was in the passenger seat.

Wracked with grief and guilt, she rushed home and began examining the tome in more detail. It spoke of a ritual to summon a God of sorts; one that could potentially restore her brother to life. She began practicing her dark arts in secret, improving and honing her abilities until one day, she was ready to perform the ritual. Out in the woods were she thought nobody would disturb her, she was nearly complete when the Defenders arrived. Among them was Sorceress, who, as it turns out, was her own mother.

The Defenders quickly apprehended Violet and, with her mother’s protests unheeded, was sent to Ravenholm. There are some things too dangerous to know, and Violet knew too much of it already.

Keziah (Violet Vickerman)

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