One Finger Death Punch

Evil Martial Artist Extraordinaire


Solo D8
Buddy D6
Team D10

I know all the Kung Fu
Your head explodes
Master Martial Artist

Power Sets
Fist to Slay a God
Strength D12
Stamina D10
Reflexes D10
Durability D10
Speed D10

Area Attack – Add a D6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target.

Counterattack – On a reaction against a Stress Type attack action, inflict Stress Type with your effect die at no PP cost or spend a PP to step it up by +1.

Exhausted – Shutdown any Power Set power to gain a PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity o during a Transition Scene.

XP 10


Looks like Evil Kenshiro – mustache-y and beard-y and stuff.

Real Name – ???

One of the two remaining practitioners of an ancient martial art – The Godslayer Fist – 神殺拳. One of the notable abilities of the Godslayer Fist is how it allows the user to emulate and learn other martial arts styles with ease.

He trained under his master, the hero known as Godhand Hokuto, who tempered his student into what could be called the quintessential martial artist, the finest student in the history of the Godslayer Fist.

The Godslayer Fist had tempered his body to incredible levels, proof that it could indeed be possible for its users to fight head to head with a god.

‘Death Punch’ was unsatisfied with this and wanted to prove his strength to the world for his own ambitions. He left Godhand Hokuto and traveled from dojo to dojo, kicking down the door and picking fights with the students. Early on, he would simply humiliate them and leave them bruised and battered, but as time passed, each incident of dojo busting became more sadistic, his victims maimed, and then in the latest cases horribly slain – exploded from the inside out.

Something inside snapped, and he took silent pleasure in slaying his opponents, simply striking with one finger and causing explosive death. There was nothing greater than proving he was stronger than his foe.

He took on the moniker of One Finger Death Punch and acted as a killer for hire, selling his skills to the highest bidders – eventually a group of underworld organization had hired him – to kill Godhand Hokuto, his master.

Seeing this as a chance to become even stronger than his master, Death Punch strode back to his dojo, and was greeted by Hokuto.

His master had known of his student’s misdeeds and ambitions, and decided that now was the time to put them to an end.

The two fought – Hokuto overwhelmed his student but was unable to deliver the finishing blow. Death Punch in turn struck back and paralyzed his master, but collapsed to the injuries he had suffered during the battle.

The Defenders arrived at the scene and apprehended him as he was unable to fight back. He was charged for immeasurable counts of murder and violence – and was shipped off to Ravenholm for a sentence of over 100 years.

While in Ravenholm (for what brief period it was), Death Punch’s newest aspiration was to go to battle with an actual god and defeat it.

One Finger Death Punch

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