The Termius Vortex

A cosmic phenomenon that has occurred in orbit over the earth. It is a swirling vortex that has appeared in the night sky. The earth’s mightiest heroes have ventured through the vortex to protect the world from catastrophe, however they entered almost two years ago and the vortex remains. The night sky over the world is now lit up in its strange twisting light.

The Global Defense Council Reveals Itself

A secret cabal of Earth’s most powerful people have stepped from the shadows after the loss of the Global Defenders and ODIN during the Terminus Vortex. They’ve thrown incredible resources to secure the world against all threats.

The Delphi System

Invented by Harrison Crawford and with the cooperation of the GDC and ODIN, the Delphi System has created the means to track down almost every citizen on the planet through a facial recognition software, satellite networks, and global intelligence databases. The DS has made a prison of the world with few places that an individual is free from the GDC or ODIN’s influence.


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