Ravenholm Correctional Institute aka Zone 42

A prison for the most dangerous super villains in the world suspended between the Negative Zone and R-Space.

Pierson’s Detainment Facility aka The Slab

Formerly the prison to hold low-mid threat Super Villains before it was destroyed by a meteorite that fell from the sky during the initial hours of the first Cosmic Storm.

Terranganuu Island

Island nation in Southeast Asia home that continues its legacy as a home to pirates and outlaws of all stripes.

Blackbourg, New York

A city under siege by mad men after a terrible earth quake shattered it into a war zone.

Aeon City, The Metropolis of Tomorrow

Home of Tomorrow, thanks to the benefit of brilliant superhuman minds this is the city that is decades ahead of others in terms of technology and science. Despite its glory the city’s tall towers cast long shadows.


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