Emeritus Professor Ephemeral

Scientific and magical mind. Also rich.


Emeritus Professor Ephemeral’s career as a hero began decades ago, and he has milked his brilliant powers of invention and mastery of magic for all the fame and glory it can bring. Furthermore, his patent of numerous scientific processes and magical formula and spells has made him exceptionally rich. Not quite an elder statesman within the Global Defenders, he is nonetheless one of the older members, and commands a good deal of respect. He acquired his title from his lightning-quick reaction to criminal activity (especially those where there was research from which he could claim as his own), vanishing immediately after defeating the villain.

A tryst with a fellow hero, ended with him as the single parent to a daughter, Sarah, whom he doted on, giving her the best care his money could buy. Helpless against her blond curls and tears, and always with a great deal to do to maintain his patents and reputation, he left her care mostly to nannies and tutors. He only stood firm against her desire for super-powers, though he always hoped his daughter would develop a desire to do good while getting rich, much like his own. Perhaps that was why, when Sarah snuck into an experiment that gave her powers, the biggest problem was that he had not yet perfected the process.

When she began to spiral out of control, he used his influence and money to keep her safe, sure that she would grow out of this phase and eventually become a respected member of the superhero community. So far, that hasn’t happened. At the advent of the Terminus Vortex, he choose to remain behind, citing his old age. However, something recently changed his mind and he departed through the vortex.

Emeritus Professor Ephemeral

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