Kount Kyro

Cold blooded count of siberia


Solo D10 Buddy D6 Team D8

For the glory of Sibir!

Cryo-Gen Revival Treatment
Cold Blast D10
Elemental Control D8
Flight D8

Absorbtion (Cold)

Sibir Suit
Strength D10
Resistance (Psychic) D10
Durability D8

Second Chance


Over a hundred years ago Konstantin Kyrosolov was one of the most influential nobleman in the Russian kingdom. Though he was the count of Siberia, a cold, desolate area, he quickly exploited the wealth of timber and ore resources in the region.

A master of alchemy and science, he led various classes and tutored many young nobleman and women. His ambition and lust for knowledge of science led to his downfall. During an arctic expedition to find a frozen mammoth specimen, his vessel was struck in a storm and scuttled on a small island, he froze alone, the last survivor of the vessel.

His “corpse” was found in early 2010, found be a team of technicians searching for oil or natural gas in the region. His frozen body was due to be shipped to an Alaskan research station by was hijacked by a shadow organization known as DAGGER, a group of techno-villians.

He was resurrected with the help of the Cryogen Treatment, an experimental serum to unthaw and re-activate frozen tissue. It partly worked, bringing him back from the dead, by infusing his cells with sub-zero nano-material.

He worked with DAGGER for many years, developing his skills and creating his Sibir Suit, granting him additional powers and augmenting his existing ones.

In his first foray into the criminal world alone, he created a large, fission powered wind machine, intent on creating and enlarging a polar vortex until it covered the entire world. He was defeated by Nitro, minutes from triggering his doomsday machine.

Kount Kyro

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