Sarah "Seraph" LeBlanc

Affluenza-afflicted, spoiled villianness


Solo 10
Buddy 8
Team 6

Daughter of a hero
Don’t touch me, peasant
Spoiled brat

Power Sets
Flight of the Affluent
Subsonic Flight 8
Superhuman reflexes 8
Dietician and personal trainer 6
SFX: Boost
Limit: Conscious activation

Battery of the 1%
Energy bolts 10
energy absorption 12
Electric skin 12
SFX: absorption
Limit: exhaustion

Acrobatic 8
Combat 10


It isn’t easy being the daughter of a famous hero. At least, that’s what Sarah LeBlanc tells herself. Her father, known as Emeritus Professor Ephemeral, is a well-known scientific and magical mind. Between his crime-fighting and magical research (patent of numerous spells made him rich) , he had very little time for Sarah, who grew up pampered, indulged in her every desire, except for super-powers. Her father claimed that since she had no desire to fight crime or serve the common good, such power would be wasted on her.

Sarah disagreed, and snuck into one of her father’s experiments at age 16, ruining it, but giving herself the almost limitless ability to absorb energy from the world around her. Those abilities, plus a general disdain for the average person, led her to commit an increasing list of petty crimes, her electric skin and ability to fly making it nearly impossible for conventional authorities to pursue her, and her father’s intervention (claiming it was just a phase) protecting her from intervention by most heroes.

Soon beginning to see her superiority over the average person as justification, Sarah developed the disturbing habit of feeding her electrical powers off living humans, causing extreme exhaustion and weakness. Her crimes advanced from shoplifting to robbing Louis Vuitton and Prada, breaking and entering to kidnapping high profile actors and models, and vandalism to arson. Still, it wasn’t until the departure of her father that Sarah, now calling herself Seraph, got into serious trouble with the authorities. After a good deal of property destruction, several crashed police helicopters, and eventually the intervention of ODIN she was captured and taken to Ravenholm, still denying that she had really actually done anything wrong.

Sarah "Seraph" LeBlanc

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